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UFM-CIHEAM: Strengthening cooperation on Higher Education & Research, Migrations and Gender issues, Paris, France, 09 March 2018

The Secretary-General Ad. Interim of CIHEAM, M. Plàcido Plaza, received at the CIHEAM's Headquarters, Mr. Saïd Bhira the Special Counsellor to the Secretary-General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) on Higher Education and Research. This meeting was the opportunity to discuss cooperation activities on Higher Education and Research, and to identify avenues of collaborations related to climate change, women empowerment, and migrations issues. Working on an increased exchange of expertise, information and publications on these issues is also a target that has been set during the meeting. 


MEDFORUM 2018:  Involving Students and Young Researchers on CAPMED Objectives 





Obstacles and opportunities in rural and agricultural areas

To be published the 1st of JUNE 2018




Crises and Conflict in the Mediterranean:

Agriculture as Resilience

Under the direction of the late Cosimo Lacirignola*

Wars, political instabilities, climate change, migration, population growth, and scarcity of natural resources: the Mediterranean is an intersection of major crises. These crises have a significant impact on food security and agriculture that are of major concern for a large part of the population. Nevertheless, agriculture can also provide means to meet these challenges. 

Under the direction of the late Cosimo Lacirignola, this collective work, provides a collection of studies, detailed accounts, and analyses written by authors with different backgrounds, on contemporary and historical topics that are related to the Mediterranean region.



The Italian system in development cooperation, 12 January 2018

The Italian system in Development Cooperation has been held at CIHEAM Bari the 12th January 2018. 

The event represents for CIHEAM Bari an important moment in the meetings for the International Cooperation Days, aimed at analyzing the state of the art of collaborations underway in the development cooperation initiatives implemented by the Institute.

The quality of AGRI-FOOD products in the Mediterranean area

Policy, regulation and economy for the organic and the typical products TBIO-MED, 15-16 January 2018


The aim of this first working table meeting was to conduct an analysis of the quality of production policies in the various countries of the Mediterranean basin and develop specific research to identify, enhance, promote and protect the local characteristics of the countries of the southern shores of the Mediterranean.

Meeting of the Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP) Network for youth entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the agro-food sector – CIHEAM Bari, 18-19 January 2018


The aim of Mediterranean Innovation Partnership for youth entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the agro-food sector Network meeting (CIHEAM Bari, January 18-19, 2018), is to build up to MIP-Action Plan 2018-20 starting from the needs and the possible solutions expressed by public and private actors of the innovation chain (research centers, extension services, ministries, enterprises, agencies for technology transfer, etc.).



ZERO CO2 Meeting in Lapa (Finland)

22-23 February 2018

Reduction of carbon emissions through the promotion of sustainable energy buildings

Meeting of the partners and local stakeholders of the European project ZEROCO2 / INTERREG EUROPE in presence of Prime Minister of Finland and current Finnish MEP Anneli Jaatteenmaki 
Mediterranean diet in the Island of Crete (video)

This video is the result of a short course on Mediterranean diet in the Island of Crete, in cooperation with CIHEAM-Chania. It was produced by Rutgers University in New York. 



Preserving ecosystem services via sustainable Agro-food Chains" in Chania

5-7 September 2018

The main objective of this seminar is to bring together researchers and policy-makers and establish the relation between agro-food chains and the preservation and provision of ecosystem services. In addition, environmental, methodological and societal issues will be tackled from a transaction perspective.


CIHEAM Montpellier

Innovations for a Sustainable Management of Albanian Territories, Rural Areas and Agriculture

Kick-off meeting of the SmartAL Project (Montpellier, December 2017)


Fifth MED- Amin meeting, 24&25 January 2018 in La Valette, Malta 


MED-AMIN, Mediterranean Agricultural Market Information Network, gathered in Malta on January 24 and 25, 2018 with the objectives of presenting the actions undertaken, sharing Working Groups conclusions and exchanging on next year's activities.



Urban and peri-urban agriculture and the metropolitan food systems  

MADRE project (Montpellier, 24-25 January 2018)

On the 24 and 25 January 2018, the CIHEAM-Montpellier organised the fourth meeting of the metropolitan working group on the theme "territorial innovations", in Montpellier, in the presence of experts and stakeholders from the 6 metropolitan areas of the consortium. 


Revitalising rural areas through innovation

The European Union has launched the project Social Innovation in Marginalized Rural Areas (SIMRA), in which the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (CIHEAM Zaragoza) co-directs the "Communication, dissemination and innovation actions" working group.



European and Mediterranean experts from over 12 countries meet at CIHEAM Zaragoza for advanced course on mycotoxins in cereals for food and feed


CIHEAM Zaragoza organised an advanced course on prevention and control strategies to minimize contamination from mycotoxins in cereal food and feed chains from 22-26 January 2018.



5-7 MARCH, JORDAN, The ERANETMED legacy for Euro-Mediterranean Joint Programming. Movenpick Aqaba

12-16 MARCH, ZARAGOZA, Greenhouse gas assessment and mitigation in agriculture: concepts, methods and simulation tools 


19-21 MARCH, MONTPELLIER, MODELCO Seminar, Modeling in mathematical programming in GAMS language for the economic analysis of agriculture and the environment


11 MARCH, ALEXANDRIA, CMI-World Water Day Youth Workshop: Nature-based Solutions for a Water Secure Mediterranean


19 MARCH, MADRID, CIHEAM-International Olive Council Meeting (IOC)


9-13 APRIL, ZARAGOZA, Analysis of bioeconomic impact of discards in fisheries


9-10 APRIL, ZARAGOZA, Spanish Symposium on Cereal Physiology and Breeding


7-11 MAY, ZARAGOZA, Water and energy in Mediterranean rural environments



29 MAY, ROMA, CIHEAM-FAO-EUI Forum on Agriculture, Rural Development and Migration in the Mediterranean: a better understanding of the drivers and impacts for forward-looking policies and programmes





Options Méditerranéennes : Towards the development of guidelines for improving the sustainability of diets and food consumption patterns: the Mediterranean Diet as a pilot study, Lacirignola C., Dernini S., Capone R., Meybeck A., Burlingame B., Gitz V., El Bilali H., Debs P., Belsanti V. 

Mediterra 2016: Zero waste in the Mediterranean, Natural Resources, Food and KnowledgeChapter 1, Natural Resources in the Mediterranean, Global perspective of natural resources, forwarded by J. Graziano da Silva and C. Lacirignola.

CIHEAM Bari Innovazione sociale nelle aree rurali del Mediterrraneo. Quadro concettuale, analisi empirica e buone pratiche. Petruzzella D., Brunori G., Antonelli A. (2017). 

CIHEAM Zaragoza Fact Sheet

CIHEAM Zaragoza Research Fact Sheet

CIHEAM Montpellier Scientific Production 



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